Innovative Fuel Solutions for the Modern World


Trasportation Management Software (TMS)

Digital Fuel Solutions (DFS) is a 100% web-based transportation management and fuel dispatching software. We are a turnkey solution for trucking companies that haul oil and gas. DFS maximizes your company's productivity and allows you to focus on growth by simplifying and automating complex tasks. It combines decades of experience in the fuel business along with the compute power of the cloud to optimize your business. DFS provides dashboards, reports, geofenced triggers, station and driver information at your fingertips, allowing you to quickly and accurately manage your work.

Cloud Based, Any Time, Any Where

DFS is the only platform that offers automated order generation. DFS’s proprietary “Load Generator” is an inventory management system that can generate exact loads for your stations in seconds. The Load Generator will improve your efficiency, reduce errors and streamline your business to maximize your profits. DFS also integrates with many other systems allowing full automation of load placing and invoicing. DFS is a cloud-based system that be accessed from anywhere in the world, with an internet connection and a web browser.

Driver Mobile Interface

DFS’s mobile driver interface is a device agnostic platform, allowing drivers to access their load information on any IOS or Android device. Our mobile interface was built for easy load and product identification while on the move. It also allows for quick and easy BOL scanning for instant transferring to the back office or emailing to your customers along with a delivery ticket. Our mobile platform allows for Geofencing sites and terminals for real-time location tracking* and automated timestamping of loading, drop times and more.

Dispatch Portal

Say goodbye to the "pen and paper" method. Make your dispatcher's life easier and more efficient with our dispatching software. In this single portal, dispatchers can edit delivery parameters, check inventory levels, and assign deliveries to drivers with just a drag and a drop.

  • User Friendly interface with simple navigation
  • Maximizes the amount of information displayed by using icons and color coding
  • View both day/night drivers on one page. All drivers are visible at one time
  • Up to the minute updates on driver activity
  • Update drivers loads in real time without having to call driver