Our Products & Services

Enter Loads Dashboard

A control panel where retailers, station owners, and fuel haulers have access to information regarding inventory levels, current delivery updates, and load history. Station owners and distributors also have the ability to order gas off this page, significantly reducing the amount of time spent on the phone every day.

  • All important delivery information is right at your fingertips
  • Unlimited amount of station’s accessible from only one screen
  • Electronic sourcing and delivery notes
  • Ability to restrict a delivery with just one click on delinquent accounts

Dispatch Portal

Say goodbye to the "pen and paper" method. Make your dispatcher's life easier and more efficient with our dispatching software. In this single portal, dispatchers are able to edit delivery parameters, check on inventory levels, and assign deliveries with just a drag and a drop.

  • User Friendly environment with simple navigation
  • Maximize the amount of information displayed by using icons and color coding
  • View both AM/PM drivers on one page – up to 52 drivers visible at one time
  • Up to the minute updates on driver activity

Load Generator

Digital Fuel Solutions offers a state-of-the-art inventory control system that is fully customizable, so even the most finicky station owners will receive exactly what they desire. DFS will level out inventories to ensure your money is working for you; instead of stagnate underground in your tanks.

  • Tracks all tank inventory levels for every station
  • Uses inventory data to calculate pumping averages and project future deliveries with exact gallons and delivery times.
  • Automatically configures optimal loads for your stations based on predetermined parameters set by you or by station owners.

Billing Module

Since all information is entered in real time, your company's billing is easier than ever before! All billing information is entered in the field as the work is completed. Once this data is compiled, DFS can cross references all entries with hard numbers imported from the terminals. This system of balance and checks ensures that your billing is 100% accurate and that every single gallon is accounted for. And because all of your drivers are logging into the system electronically, weekly payroll is a breeze!

  • Freight Billing including surcharges, pump charges, splits, demerge, holiday and Sunday charges
  • Driver Billing using percentage, flat rate, hourly, per mile, or any combination
  • All 100% automated

Inventory Retrieval System

We work with any 3rd party inventory retrieval system

  • Inform
  • MyTankGauge
  • VeederRoot
  • JMM
  • AIMS
  • Telapoint
  • Plus many, many more...

We also offer our own inventory retrieval system, called Dirad. This system will automatically call the station every day, up to 3 times. Inventory is keyed into a touchtone phone and imported directly into DFS.

Consulting Service

With extensive knowledge in the petroleum industry, transport and logistics, DFS can provide face-to-face consultation services to customers. We know what works and what doesn't.

  • We can help maximize efficiencies in administrative responsibilities, logistics, customer service and profitability.
  • Offer recommendations for improvement based on our own knowledge and experience running a transport company
  • Based on observed best practices from the various markets DFS is currently managing, we can spot trends in your area, which will help your overall business.