What our clients say:

"DFS made an immediate impact to our dispatch office by taking a tedious pen and paper process and putting it on our desktop. The inventory control has gone from more than 15 hours a day, down to one. We are now managing our customers inventories, the delivery orders, drivers schedules and their daily loads all in one place."

David Oatley, Lykins Transportation, Milford OH


"Digital Fuel Solutions puts everything I need for dispatching, billing and more right at my fingertips, twenty-four hours a day, whether I'm at the office or at home."

Jim Sancken, Vice President, Sancken Trucking, Grayslake, IL


After using DFS for a few weeks, I can already see that it's going to improve our business and make my job easier. DFS saves me and hour-and-a-half a day just in entering loads, and who doesn't love getting extra time back in their day?

Danny Lane, Terminal Manager, Flash Oil, West Memphis, AK


Since implementing Digital Fuel Solutions, we’ve been able to automate more of our dispatch processes, providing a significant time savings for our dispatchers and streamlining the delivery of load information to and from our drivers. The Dirad phone inventory system saves us many man-hours each week and provides more accurate inventory readings and an easily accessible historical record of our customers’ fuel levels. And the easy-to-use DFS interface has simplified our order entry processes and allows our customers to control their orders as well. The staff at DFS was great to work with during our implementation and training, and they’ve maintained their responsiveness and willingness to listen to our enhancement requests. DFS has proven to be a valuable addition to the Lykins Energy Solutions technology suite.

Julie Jump, Lykins Energy Solutions, Milford OH